Access to  

professionally delivered healthcare

and to a universal health system (spanning from family medicine to the University Teaching Hospital)

is a Human Right  

Health services don't have any social function when their mission isn't professional as well.

Commercially and industrially driven health services do not allow for Hippocratic, medical practice

A public health physician and academic, I practiced, researched and taught the following domains during 40 years all over the world:

1.  Medical professionalism
2. Medical (clinical and public health) knowledge
3. Medical ethics
4. Clinical and public health education
5. Disease control
6. Health services organization and management
7. National health policies

8. Development cooperation and international health policies
9. Methods in clinical, public health, and health policy research

10. Formulation of alternative policies in health, international aid, research and education

The (clinical and public health) medical professionalism of carers in general, public services and culture were the paradigms of my research. 

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